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Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-Immigrant Visa Information

Welcome to the Non-Immigrant Visa Section of the Consulate of the United States in Montevideo.

One of our principal missions is to provide non-immigrant visa services to Uruguayan citizens and foreign citizens who are residing in Uruguay.

Applicants should apply for visas well in advance of their travel date as it is possible that common last names may generate the need for additional administrative processing which can take several weeks. Likewise, airline tickets should not be purchased until a visa has been approved.

>> Visa Wait Times

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your visa application may be subject to an administrative procedure, which could last several weeks. Therefore, we recommend not making travel plans until you have received your passport with the visa.

New Visa Drop Box Program

Beginning June 4, 2012, some non-immigrant visa applicants will not need to appear in the Embassy for a visa interview and may submit thir application through a drop box. Please check our Non-Immigrant Visa Drop Box Application Program page to see if you qualify.

How to apply

Follow the steps in the “How to Apply” section. 

Please note that even if you have had prior visas or your parents have visas, you must bring supporting documents to the interview that show your labor and economic ties or those of the person on whom you are dependent.


Please note that no special immunizations are required to travel to the United States from Uruguay.